Opportunities for Travel

Although the Fellowship is work-intensive and highly demanding, Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of the ample opportunities Peru offers in terms of tourism and travel.

Huaraz is one of my favorite places in the world—the valleys, snow-capped mountains, and bright blue glacier lakes made for some great hiking experiences (Nathan Swinton, SRF 05)

Some long weekends (such as the Peruvian Independence Day celebrations between July 27 and 30) are best for visiting more distant destinations such as Cuzco, Puno and Iquitos.

It felt like every type of trip was within our reach during a long weekend—glacier mountains, the jungle, Inca ruins, coastal cities, and the desert. (Nathan Swinton, SRF 05)

In addition, there are many attractive destinations only a few hours away from Lima, which can be reached on regular weekends.

I traveled to several of Peru’s most amazing places on the weekends and didn’t even have to miss a day of work! My weekend trips included flying over the famous lines at Nazca, “surfing” in the sand dunes in Huacachina, exploring the national reserve at Paracas, the famous Colca Canyon and Arequipa, and hiking and camping in the glacier-covered Andes in Huaraz (Jeffrey Purdie, SRF 05)