Projects & Assignments

During the first week of the program, Fellows will participate in a series of orientation seminars with both CAD staff and top Peruvian professionals and policy makers outside of the office. The orientation is designed to provide a valuable, internal picture of our institution and offer an introduction to the Peruvian policymaking context.

Research and project assignments will be tailored to Fellows' skill sets, from statistical and best practices analysis to project design, development, and ex-post results measurement. Fellows will have responsibility for producing a final product, from a tool kit, to an evaluation report, new program design, research bulletin, or set of concrete policy recommendations, drawing from their research into contemporary theory, legislation, and a comparative analysis of best practices.

I appreciated how much flexibility we were given for our assignments, both in terms of choosing our research area and in terms of the methods we used for finding sources and compiling a final product. It was really interesting to learn in-depth about how we as Americans structure our freedom of information laws and then to compare that to the Peruvian legal framework (Nathan Swinton, SRF 05)

Research and program implementation areas include, among others: transparency, accountability and access to information; corruption; citizen participation in governance; economic, social and environmental impact of public policies; corporate social responsibility; communications and media for citizen engagement; and monitoring and evaluation of development programming.

Law students are invited to contribute through research and program design to our legal work in Peru, in which we address weaknesses in enforcing legal ethics, support the creation of a Pro Bono Clearinghouse, and strengthen the rule of law. Follow these links to learn more about our legal work, including the Professional Responsibility and Ethics project, our Pro Bono Initiative.

I highly recommend the summer fellowship program at Ciudadanos al Día. CAD provided me the perfect opportunity to mix my interest in legal and international development work. I was consistently provided with strong guidelines and constructive feedback. I was also warmly welcomed into the organization and included in weekly firm-wide strategy meetings, listened to, and given the freedom to explore the legal areas of particular interest to me. (John Dalebroux SRF 2010)

Recent law graduates who have deferred law firm start dates are also invited to apply to complete Public Interest Fellowships with CAD. Click here for more information about these opportunities.
To see current available research and program positions for our summer and long-term positions, click here. To see current available research and program positions for our short-term positions, click here. Click here for positions specific to law students.

When applying, please indicate in your cover letter the position(s) for which you are applying or, if proposing your own project, please describe it in full including proposed final products. Also indicate how you meet the skills necessary for the position.

Please note that applicants may propose their own project. The available positions described in the documents above represent areas of contribution that CAD has identified as current needs, however CAD welcomes student proposals provided they contribute to the organization’s mission and needs. Applicants proposing their own project should describe the project, including any proposed outputs, in the cover letter they submit with their application.

For information on applying to the program, please click on the "How to Apply" link.

I was given fascinating work with real responsibility but had the freedom to conduct my own research and frame my topics the way I wanted. Perhaps the best thing about the work at CAD is that your work will have an impact in Peru (Jeffrey Purdie, SRF 05)


Some of the projects fellows have been a part of include:

  • Methodology and Impact of CAD’s Best Practices in Public Management Award Program. pdfLearn More1.05 MB
  • Prize for Best Practices in Government (Premio a las Buenas Prácticas Gubernamentales). Learn More
  • International Conference on Best Practices in Government (Congreso Internacional de Buenas Prácticas Gubernamentales). Learn More
  • Manual of Best Practices in Government (Manual de Buenas Prácticas Gubernamentales). pdfLearn More11.31 MB
  • Informe CAD #38 – Peruvian Public Debt (Deuda Pública Peruana). Learn More
  •  Consumer’s International – “Beneficios de la Competencia para el Consumidor”. Learn More